Deliver mutual value to your employees, customers and stakeholders 



Customer-centric strategies and services that deliver on business plans and objectives.


Our customer centric methodology delivers mutual value to you and your customers by helping you better understand and respond to your customers’ needs and wants, focusing on target segments for strategic advantage, and identifying the key levers that will drive your business strategy. We help you develop a customer-first mentality that permeates through your entire organisation, and aligns your internal and customer facing strategies, culture, processes, and strategic initiatives.

  • Customer strategy

  • CX strategy

  • Transformation strategy

  • Digital strategy

  • Balanced Scorecards

  • Customer journey mapping

  • CX measurement

  • Persona development

  • Customer value proposition

  • Employee value proposition

  • Employee experience



  • Business vision

  • Business models

  • Value chain

  • Products and services

  • Workshop facilitation

  • Customer value proposition

  • Employee value proposition


We help our clients solve a range of business problems to deliver an integrated organisational approach towards customer centricity to:


  • Customer experience across all journeys, touch points, processes and departments 

  • Customer acquisition and retention rates 

  • The understanding of your customers and identify improvement opportunities 


  • The (re)alignment of your existing programs and processes

  • The siloed view of your customer through a single customer lens 

  • Customer friction points that impede mutual business and customer value


  • Industry trends and disruptors 

  • Innovation opportunities to drive growth 

  • New customer segments, products and services



Our rigorous and data-driven approach delivers reliable, actionable insights

Our backgrounds in psychology and customer insights enable us to find opportunities to emotionally connect with your customers for sustainable results

Our customers lens breaks through silos and realigns teams around a central objective

Our strategic performance management expertise helps you effectively drive tangible business outcomes from your CX investment

Our holistic approach aligns customer-facing and back-end operations, ensuring all processes, culture and metrics support your customer-centric mandate

Our strategies and action plans are pragmatic and measurable, enabling you to hit the ground running immediately



Our unique combination of skills, methodologies and expertise enables
us to translate your understanding of customer and your customer experience into commercially
beneficial outcomes.

How do we do this?

  1. We understand your customers: who they are, how you currently service their needs, how they currently consume your products and services, what their current experience is with your organisation

  2. We understand your market and your organisation: what the levers are that drive business and industry performance

  3. We commercialise our understanding of your customers, market and organisation: we apply a customer lens to your business’ operations to identify and shift the levers that matter.

We do this by assessing and re-aligning the front, middle and back of your organisation, people and culture to drive mutual value for your business and customers. This comprehensive approach delivers both short- and long-term results in terms of increased revenue, market share, customer profitability and operational efficiencies.



Ellie English

Ellie English is a Co-Founder and Director at Sirius Strategy, a boutique professional services company specialising in people-centric innovation and transformation. She has over 16 years of experience helping organisations transform each function of the business from being product-centric to customer-centric. She currently works with both Government and corporate organisations to drive transformational change starting with the Executive level and across each level of the organisation.


Ellie holds a BA (Hons) in Modern Languages and European Studies from the University of Bath, UK, a Graduate Diploma of Business in Marketing (Marketing Strategy) and an Executive MBA from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). Ellie is also a sessional academic at the University of Technology Sydney in Australia.

Beata Brodowska

Beata Brodowska is a leading customer-centric strategist with over 21 years of consulting experience. Her work has seen her deliver transformative solutions to national and international clients across the private, public and higher education sectors. Beata has delivered measurable financial results and cultural change by applying rigorous research and analytical techniques, aligning customer and organisational metrics, and providing actionable plans with clear performance indicators.


Beata is a registered Psychologist, and holds an Executive MBA, Graduate Diploma in Applied Psychology and Bachelor of Economics (Social Sciences), in addition to Prince 2 (Foundation) project management qualifications.

We founded Sirius Strategy based on our passion for customer centricity and our ability to bridge the market gap in delivering strategic customer-centric solutions with a commercial and whole-of-business focus.

Our name is derived from our ambition, which is to 'shoot for the stars' when working with our clients. 'Sirius' came to prominence after Beata related a story to Ellie about a night of star gazing and pointing out the brightest star in the sky to her two year old daughter. The name resonated immediately with both Ellie and Beata, and Sirius Strategy was born.

Why shoot for the stars? We aim high, to achieve shared value and shared success for our clients, their customers, employees and broader community, which is key to attaining sustainable competitive advantage in today's customer-empowered and -connected world.

This is more than a win-win. This is about deriving real value for all to:

  • Develop long-term relationships rather than hitting short-term KPIs

  • Aim for customer understanding and loyalty rather than a short-term increase in acquisition or retention rates. 


We work with companies that share our ideals and our ambition. 


Please reach out if this is you.


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